TeacherWorks CAT- an online support system

If you are new to the IEB, new to teaching CAT, or struggling to find relevant exam papers then this novel initiative is for you! TeacherWorks is designed for teachers using the Exploring CAT series published by FunWorks. Get access to valuable resources and expert guidance from Julie Flanagan, to make your role as an CAT Teacher more rewarding. See below the details of the current package on offer.

Teacherworks CAT will be facilitated by Julie Flanegan, a CAT and IT teacher with 21 years of teaching Computer Studies, CAT and IT at Michaelhouse in KwaZulu-Natal. Julie developed the original IEB CAT SAGs, was appointed as the original IEB CAT Examiner and then IEB CAT Internal Moderator for a period of six years when CAT was introduced as an NSC subject. She is passionate about developing CAT and IT as school subjects through the support and professional development of CAT and IT teachers who are fundamental  to the subject’s growth. She has edited the Exploring CAT Grade 12 textbook and she is currently editing the Exploring IT series of textbooks.

Julie has a passion for incorporating technology and new methodologies in her classes included blending learning, collaboration, reflection, and the use of learning management systems. She has experience in coordinating the online programme during lockdown and online teaching as well as hybrid teaching. She has recently qualified with a Post Graduate Diploma in Educational Technology at UCT.


2023 Annual CAT Package


2023 Assessments for Grades 10 and 11:


  • 2023 June and November practical and theory examinations

  • Marking guidelines and analysis grids

  • 2 x practical tests, marking guidelines and analysis grids

  • 3 x theory tests, marking guidelines and analysis grids

  • June and November examinations provided in Teacher Guides


2023 Assessments for Grade 12:

  • 2 x portfolio tests

  • Practical and Theory Prelim examinations



Workshops for 2023:

  • 3 x 1 hour general methodology workshops

  • 3 x 1 hour Grade 12 PAT workshops


Access to 2022 TeacherWorks:

  • Workshops (9 in total)

  • Grade 10 and 11 theory and practical tests


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